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Not afraid of the Red Army expedition, Belarus, Moldova only lightly."This bold passionate every time she heard the" long march septasyllabic "I will come to the front of a group of scenes :Luding Bridge border, the Dadu River flows Prestige their brave act; snowy peaks.Gaoshanjunling left their perseverance dedicated footsteps; around a brilliant victory in the Chishui River recorded their smiles; force realignment.Ning will be dancing to congratulate them and create a myth. Seventy years ago,ancestors used their blood and lives of the "amazing, moving," long march song. After 1981,As masters of the new century, how we will make the answer? Today, we revisit the long march of history.DD not call it again with a long way to the journey.Instead, we meant to be felt long march to grasp the spirit to carry forward the long march to inheritance,thus nurturing the spirit of our long march to a new era. firm belief and the confidence to overcome difficulties to win the spiritual motivation. while long march,Chinese firm to follow the foot of the ancestors of land in the hands of high the banner of national revitalization doom.Soaring hearts filled with the dream of the motherland. It is the belief that they will closely together.build together crushed, and not be overwhelmed by a great wall of steel. It is the belief that sustains them through difficult maneuvers through,out of hope, out of a piece of the sky. Today, we face no grass and the snow,However, the road ahead remains long and tortuous. Building a socialist harmonious society is the only way for China to move toward prosperity.Under the new historical conditions is a great and arduous long march again. for a new long march.We also have a firm belief that the firm will and the confidence to win. work hard,The revolutionary spirit is willing to sacrifice the fundamental guarantee victory. while long march,The natural environment in the face of evil and powerful enemy, the Red Army was with this spirit that conquered the difficulties and dangers.defeat a powerful enemy and won the final great victory of the Chinese revolution and make a brand-new path. Today,We enter the new century, more articles, please visit : http ://www.wm51.cn Do we need this spirit? music joy.Fang Xin's a fine spring day, Xun, sweet love, prosperity to the fanatics,difficult environment seems to have emerged away from us, but dear friends, you may have thought.With the passage of time not only our youth,Now that we have the yearning and fine prospects ah. We need the spirit of hard struggle,needs of the contemporary spirit. With this spirit, we can easily flouted difficulties tenaciously to face difficultiesoptimistic to overcome difficulties, and with this sort of spirit, we can have a vibrant and progressive outlook and stimulate innovation capabilitystart burning passion,radiate an indestructible force. This spirit is the cornerstone of our life to glory. The long march 70 years ago.has as a symbol, into history, into the depths of our memory. and the long march over the years,like old wine in general lest the feelings in our hearts, lest the taste,our colorful life together delicacies. New century, new era, new hope that the new blueprint,Everything is new. There are noble ones, as the new youth, you may have thought that in a new long march.How are loaded on the shoulders of our new vision? "Two of its summit, heaven and earth."To the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, let us work together to bars together we write a new long march